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He says hello and the whole audience is in stitches. By the time he starts his act, the crowd is rolling around on the floor in tears. He shuffled onto the stage after opening comic Jackie Kashian had finished her relatively successful act and met his excited, warmed-up audience. He greeted us, told us we were nice people and launched right into a wealth of self-deprecating stand-up material. It kicked off a series of weight-gain-related jokes. He described the increasing degrees to which the waistband of his underwear flips down as his belly gets bigger, at which point I realized Regan was quite the physical comedian.

Comedian Brian Regan on Ali, Seinfeld

Comedian Brian Regan says he enjoyed most of his Disney World visit with his two children last week. The comedian imagined grabbing the other father’s pocket contents and the mother’s purse, flinging the belongings and watching them land in a nearby flower bed. Regan said, in response to such anarchy, he had even prepared a speech. Regan’s material comes from his everyday life experiences.

Fans of comedian Brian Regan were in for a surprise after tuning into the Peter the past, only to never have anyone follow through, Regan wasn’t sure if he’d “​What you do is you bring a new joke in and then one falls by the wayside That is why you are seeing a fee that is completely transparent, and.

Elizabeth Blair. The comedian Brian Regan, pictured here in his Netflix special Nunchucks and Flamethrowers , has earned a reputation as a comic’s comic. Entertainment Weekly once called Brian Regan “your favorite comedian’s favorite comedian. Regan has been “killing” on the road pretty much nonstop since the s. And he also keeps his act clean — free of profanity or explicit jokes.

If he were a rock star, one of his hits might be called ” Dora The Explorer. It’s very important [to] have momentum and, you know, we have our uniforms on anyway. Might as well try. With an almost cartoonish, Chaplinesque flair, Regan puts his entire body into his act, furrowing his eyebrows when he’s confused, shuffling his feet when he feels dejected, awkwardly swiveling his hips to demonstrate how poorly he dances.

Since Regan performs his silly, physical, observational humor free of curse words, families flock to his shows.

The Jokes Comedians Would Steal If They Could Get Away With It

Comedian Brian Regan says Waukegan audiences will see fireworks, animals and acrobats — just kidding. And I go out and I try to make people laugh for an hour. The world of comedy for me is fascinating. Regan first came to the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan in

Brian Regan is one of the most trustworthy comics performing today: he can be trusted to make practically anybody laugh, from children to the elderly. were going and not necessarily seeing comedians that they liked.

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Comedian Brian Regan recently turned 60, and he is happy about it. I had a pet dinosaur when I was a kid. What stands out in your mind when it comes to being here? Last time I was there, the hotel I stayed in put me in the Muhammad Ali suite. It was filled with all of these pictures and memorabilia. It felt really inspiring to be there. He was one of the few celebrities I saw who had me in awe. I was in New York, came out of my hotel and Muhammad Ali was just standing on the street signing autographs.

I just leaned against the wall and watched, enjoying his aura and his presence. This is a guy who, at one point, was the most famous person in the world, and he was just there being nice to people. He could have just as easily walked on by. He was already sick at that point. No one would have blamed him.

Regan returns: Comedian brings more laughs to Binghamton

I want to be known as a funny comedian. The fact that I work clean is incidental. That said, he admits he was once heckled during a routine when he did one joke saying he flew into town and did another joke a little while later that said he had taken a bus to the town and later still that he had driven there. Minor details like that notwithstanding, Regan says that seeing the world in a funny or slightly absurd way.

Brian Regan talks about working with Jerry Seinfeld on his new AH: When you have that kind of a dynamic with someone in a show like this.

While other stand-ups have garnered considerable fame and notoriety from sitcom deals, comedian Brian Regan has largely kept to the stage. A regular on the comedy club circuit since the s, Regan has been consistently touring and developing a loyal following for his profanity-free act. Check out some things you might not know about the year-old performer. One of eight children growing up in s Miami, Regan has said his entire family was funny.

Attending Catholic school, he recalled hiding behind nuns and making faces. While studying at Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio to become an accountant, Regan decided to drop out in his senior year to pursue a career in entertainment. In , he decided to finish his credits and was able to graduate. When I did do a clean show, the comments were so intense, I realized this is important to some people.

While his act is appropriate for all ages, Regan said in that he typically limited his thenyear-old son and nine-year-old daughter to just five minutes of watching his act. Regan spends a good chunk of the year touring theaters, but he prefers not to book dates close to his residence in Las Vegas.

Comedy In The 239: Brian Regan pokes fun at line cutters, rewards cards

My son Watson is a Brian Regan superfan. Because he’s 11, he doesn’t have that much experience with comedians. Most “work blue,” i. A comic since the ’90s, Regan has that goofball, silly-but-smart brand of stand-up that appeals to all age groups but especially to my son. His bits about being a dumb kid, flubbing spelling bees “because up until that day I was an idiot, but nobody knew it” , and growing up with seven brothers really resonate with him.

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Travelling or based outside United Kingdom? Video availability outside of United Kingdom varies. Sign in to see videos available to you. Close Menu. Stand-up comedian Brian Regan offers his unique take on the absurd aspects of everyday life in this hilarious Comedy Central concert. With offbeat originality, Regan riffs on flight delays, greeting cards, baby books and his 3-year-old daughter.

8 Things You Might Not Know About Comedian Brian Regan

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Mar 14, – Brian Regan is the rare breed of comics’ comic who my comedy is just as valid as anybody else’s; it’s just different, you know?” It is different. As long as you’re seeing the original version, and not one of the.

File photo courtesy of Comedy Central. With no props and just a black curtain, a stool and a water bottle for visual aids, Regan – best known for his clean, family friendly observational humor and his record-holding 26 appearances on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ – kept the laughter going all night with brand new material, joking about everything from how weird the words catsup, cinema and trousers are to how you should react when someone cuts in front of you in line at Disney World.

Take things out of the person’s pockets and throw them into the air, he suggests, and say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. When you cut in front of me in this clearly straight line, I thought that just meant you wanted total anarchy! Regan took some topical turns, too, taking jabs at embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, and the controversy with the Washington Redskins name. It’s so crazy how much I love everybody.

I just love everybody so much I can’t believe it,” Regan cracked. It’s good he didn’t use an actual slur though. Can you imagine if he had? Like if he had said ‘Redskin’ or something? Regan didn’t spare his surroundings, either. Immediately upon entering the stage, he made a few jokes about Meadow Brook’s woodsy environment.

Comedian Brian Regan opens up about his OCD on stage. Here’s what he wants people to know

But with multiple Netflix specials, collaborations with Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman and an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Regan might be the only one who thinks so. Regan released his first comedy CD in and now has seven hour-long specials. Before the night of clean humor, we caught up with Regan to discuss the history of comedy, controversial jokes and his upcoming performance. The Spectrum : In , you did the first ever live stand-up set on Comedy Central. What was it like to be involved in that experience for the network and as someone who has been doing comedy for over 20 years?

Regan: We were the ones that pitched the idea to them.

Brian Regan: (laughs) I pride myself in that. GM: Did anyone get you thinking that way? BR: It wasn’t I just loved seeing comedy from a different perspective.

I want everybody. Regan, who is originally from Miami, performs at 8 p. Friday at Orlando’s Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. His style is timeless, clean and political without taking sides. He agrees with that description but adds that he tries to be ever-evolving. Regan said he likes talking about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the gun debate and political divisiveness in the United States. And what of President Donald Trump?

Brian Regan at the Arlington

For more than 35 years, Brian Regan has made a name for himself both as a standup comedian and a standup guy in general by sharing his observations about everyday absurdities without resorting to obscenities. Anything from Pop-Tarts and UPS shipping to spelling bees, science projects and Fig Newtons have been part of his act at one point or another. It feels more immediate to me and probably to the audience to talk about things that are actually part of my world.

Regan performs nearly live shows each year, and his travels will return him to the Forum in Binghamton on Sunday night. Can that be a tricky thing to navigate with the way our country is divided as it is now?

You might recognize one of Regan’s fans and frequent collaborators: Jerry Seinfeld, who has touted him as “one of my favorite, favorite stand-up.

When last we saw Brian Regan in these parts, it 10 months ago and the comedian was sailing through a set at Shea’s Performing Arts Center that had a packed house trying to hear the jokes over their peals of laughter. Then a single piece of confetti fell from the ceiling, landing on him and distracting him to the point that he seemingly had no idea what was supposed to come next. His struggle to get back on script might have been even funnier than his jokes.

That was just an opener for what came next: The fire alarm went off and lights in the theater started flashing. The alarm was false but the unease was real. Regan got the message and called it a night. Regan, a comedian’s comedian who has appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman” only slightly less often than Dave, killed in his more than hourlong performance.

His unique brand of observational humor combined with a face that he hilariously contorts in concert with his perfectly-worded bits, had an almost capacity audience in the 2,seat Seneca Events Center trying to stay upright when every instinct was telling them to double over. On social discomfort: “I’m not good at talking to people On memory loss: “Every once in a while, the microwave will ding and I’ll have no idea what’s in there.

On his struggles with his weight and the adage that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper: “I eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a hippopotamus, dinner like an pound gorilla and midnight snack like a ton humpback whale.

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