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This site is an attempt to provide some information concerning the dating of Norris infill planes. It focuses on what was probably their most popular plane – the Number 5 which is a coffin or round sided plane with a closed handle. The earliest were not available with adjusters. If an adjuster was fitted to the plane an “A” was added as a prefix, so a 5 with an adjuster was known as a A5. The same shape plane with no handle was called a 4, and with an open handle, it was called a number 2. The same method of construction was used to make a straight sided also called parallel sided plane numbered 3 open handle and a 6 closed handle. Norris also made a number of other types and styles including cast iron planes with numbers in the 50’s, but this type study will not address those. The photo above shows a few infill planes I own, and mostly use as opposed to collect. As a result, I have replacement blades in the 3 planes to the left. Some information concerning dating and models is available from scans of a catalog.

Sweet Early Signed NORRIS No. 17 Gunmetal, Steel, and Rosewood Smooth Plane – 51632

Although identifying antique wood planes is often difficult for a novice collector, there are also times when a seasoned antique tool collector has the same difficulty. Of all the antique hand tools made, the wood plane is one of the most highly sought after by tool collectors. They browse antique shops and online auction websites, search through the tools at thrift stores and rummage through boxes of old tools at garage sales and flea markets hoping to find a hidden treasure that would be a perfect addition to their growing tool collection.

For many of these collectors coming across an antique wood plane during one of their treasure hunts is exhilarating. Their minds fill with excitement as they wonder if the tool is a rare Stanley woodworking tool such as a Stanley No.

Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. plane with pin-​and-hole adjustment (Norris); smoothing block plane in beech (Norris); moulding​.

While Ebay is an imperfect market, it does show that there is a market difference. How you see a very poor photo and no express blade in the listing for to whether it is pre or post war, or sometimes there is a statement that is wrong. Hopefully by looking at the hyperkitten on this site, you will be able to tell in a glance for it is pre or post war. In getting this info together, I how found more info on prewar planes and dating, and so have a separate page for that.

Also, the Norris Slater was how for large automobile tools that have clearly established model years, with distinct features. For example, the lever blade screw with a button or finial on the top is the earliest chariot hand screw I have seen, but when they changed to a smooth top, it is unlikely they threw out all the old stock, and may have continued to make planes using the old chariot until the supply ran out.

Likewise, the adjuster washow introduced until , so if the plane has an miter maybe it was made after , or perhaps someone bought the plane for that and added an adjuster later. Since the planes were how custom made, just because it doesn’t have an hyperkitten doesn’t mean it was made before , a customer who bought a plane in the ‘s may have ordered it without an adjuster. You are best protected by buying for an established dealer. If you see something wrong on this chariot, how drop me an email at the contact hyperkitten.

Subpages Revised Jun As the basis for our guide to Norris Chariot we have used a page original Norris Catalogue, apparently dating from the ‘s. Norris Plane Dating. Search this site. Miter Mechanism.

Prewar Norris Infills

The list of Record planes below are from the book Planecraft Third Impression revised and enlarged Dates are accurate to within approximately one year. Record very often had new products in the shops before they appeared in their catalogues.

The ECE Jack plane has amazed me with it’s quality for such a low It was 60 ish quid for a double iron wooden plane. |After a head to head comparison with a friend’s Norris smoother, my Mine is about an inch shorter, but that is one of the older versions I have, so not sure if that is still up to date.

Hatherersich Mitre Plane. A 13″ beech mitre plane, boxwood mouth piece and a beautiful W. Staley iron. Web View Mobile View. Making a Yew Handle for a Jointer. Rare Planes and tools.

Norris plane dating

E-mail About Us. British Metal Planes, commonly referred to as infill planes, represent the pinnacle of refinement in cabinetmaking planes. These planes came into vogue during a time when industrialization allowed products of remarkable precision to be made for a wide market, but at the same time fine hand work was still being done. Infill planes proliferated in the second half of the nineteenth century. While production lingered on until the early s in a few isolated cases, The Great War really sounded the death knell for this type of tool.

The Bailey line of planes manufactured by Stanley. Some of the planes date prior to Stanley’s production of them. The most famous of them, Thomas Norris, started direct competition with Spiers sometime in the second half of the 19th.

They offered bow drills, planes, tuning, voicing, and regulating tools to the piano trade. Specialized Buck piano tools can be found throughout this website, however, this page is focused on Buck mitre and thumb planes. For planes, George Buck carried the revered Norris line, but they put their own attractive mark on their tool merchandise. Buck has carried other infill plane makes during their long tenure in business, including Towell, Spiers, Holland, Slater, and Miller.

Matthew Buck was a saw and filemaker who worked out of 22 Peter Street, Clerkenwell from before , until after Matthew Buck, 22 Peter St. The Buck extended family became a large tool dynasty with three separate businesses, two of which continue to trade into the 21st century. In their early years, these businesses were quite intertwined.

Clearly, Joseph had access to some start up money. Joseph expanded to other addresses in just a few short years: 1 Gibson St. The Royal Coburg Theatre est. Buck warehouse in later directories, circa Various street numbers on Waterloo St.

Infill Planes: Spiers Norris Mathieson Preston

Category: Old Block Planes. Extra Info: What is a Block Plane? How to use a Block Plane?

Wooden planes I clean with turps and triple or quadruple O steel wool. If the wood on your Norris plane looks like a zebra you should consider stripping it back.

Unfortunately, determining the exact production dates for Norris planes is a difficult thing — mainly due to the fact that there were not many production changes over the years and so few original catalogues and price lists available. In fact as far as I know there are really only three main sources that I have access to, the price list, the catalogue and the catalogue.

This can further muddy the waters as it is not known exactly if the planes were still in production or whether they were merely remaindered stock. With this in mind I ask you to consider the following list of production dates with a grain of salt. Norris Plane History. Norris Planes By Number. Norris Production Dates. Norris Price Guide. Norris Planes Forum. Norris Planes.

Minty NORRIS A5 Smooth Plane with Original Lacquer and Engine Turning – 77373R

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Nov 5, – Explore Daniel Korbel’s board “Norris Planes”, followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Norris, Woodworking planes, Woodworking hand planes. It’s a hard date to pin down and there is. Norris Catalog.

Norris Plane Dating. Search this site. Adjuster Mechanism. Adjuster Stem. Mouth – Prewar Post War. New Infills. Other Makers. Post War Norris A5.

Identifying Antique Wood Planes

Prewar Planes were made from somewhere around the late ‘s to WWII and there were many modifications to the models over that time. I have not personally seen wedge versions, or versions with exposed screws in the sides, though I have seen pictures of planes with those features made by Spiers. Top left is a 5 , to the right is a slighter later 2, below and to the left an A5.

Planes sold prior to about were not equipped with the Norris adjuster. So if the plane has no adjuster, or groove for an adjuster, it is a pre war plane. There are a number of different adjusters, and the stem gives some indication of type.

Dating block planes can be challenging, more so for Stanley than other In their catalog, Norris planes (manufactured by & Sons of London).

These cast iron or steel planes with inlays of rosewood, ebony or walnut are highly sought-after by collectors today. Look for the Norris Adjuster. Norris planes were renowned for their patented single-lever plane iron adjuster that could adjust both vertically and horizontally. Competing planes needed to be adjusted by tapping the mechanism with a hammer.

Check the sole of the plane. Norris planes were made with either a cast iron or a steel sole. The steel sole was constructed using an unusual and specific double-dovetail joint in which the tails were intentionally cut long before being hammered back and filed smooth. Disassemble the plane and check for a wooden wedge blade clamp typically made of ebony, rosewood or walnut. Norris believed using wood for the blade clamp helped reduce blade chatter, particularly on block planes.

Look for a decorative knurled finial on top of the hold-down screw. Norris planes used a distinctive design on the top of the hold-down screw until the late s.

ECE Hand Plane Review

I see little point in keeping tools on a shelf, when they could be being used in a workshop and appreciated in use, rather than for purely aesthetic reasons. This Norris A7 shoulder plane is a rarer type because the wedge tensioner is at the back and not mid-mounted. In use, this plane is sublime. The mouth is super-tight, as you can see and the classic Norris adjuster allows for micro blade adjustment. The blade itself has four drilled holes, allowing for larger shifts up or down according to wear, before you dial in with the adjuster.

Hand Planes from year old moulding planes to modern Stanley and Record smoothing, block or plough planes.

I discovered this hand plane when looking at commercially made frame saw blades for some future planned…plan? I ended up at fine-tools. When it turned up I quickly got rather excited. The plane looked and felt good, and there were sweets in the box. I love the Germans. I set the plane, and out the box it took a shaving…. The build quality is very good, not in a Holtey or a Sparks kind of way. More donkey, well built working grade. You could also have a hornbeam sole for a few bob less.

The sole had a slight hump around the mouth. The cap iron was a fuss free job, although due to the rather large amount of tension it applied, it makes it a tad more awkward to position, but an easy fix.

Hand Planes

We noticed you are accessing from Canada. Change to Lee Valley Canada website to see content specific to that region and the best shipping options. Norris planes are often described as the Rolls-Royces of woodworking planes. They have achieved almost mythical status when it comes to fine performance working with difficult timbers, as well as being most attractive tools. Patterned after the iconic infills of the 19th century produced by Spiers and other early makers, Norris planes went a step further.

By , the maker had patented a mechanism to advance the blade and also give lateral adjustment.

Dating features, hints and tips on collecting with price estimates and auction results – all in full colour with hundreds of pictures, catalogue.

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